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I'm a sucker for romantic suspense. Add in a rock star and I'm there with bells on. I read Killing Me Softly the day I downloaded it and read it in one sitting. It's that intense and gripping. The writing is fast paced without sacrificing any of the depth I find lacking in a lot of suspense novels of late.

In fact, the emotion is this book grabbed me by the throat.

The main characters' AJ and Daemon have enough baggage to keep things super interesting. And they're sexy. I liked them both, a lot. I won't give too much away but the love story is hot, the bad guy is super bad, the secondary characters were fantastic and I really, genuinely felt immersed in this story. I can't wait to read Leisl Leighton's next story. If this is her first novel, the next will no doubt be a killer;)