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Board Resolution

Board Resolution - Joey W. Hill Okay ladies, let's have a talk about feminism. Or more to the point, let's have a little talk to our internal feminist (I call mine Imelda) about fantasy versus reality. Because if she can’t differentiate between the two and gets worked up about fantasy... well, she’s going to hate this book.

However, if she’s got the ability to see this racy little story for what it is--pure unadulterated fantasy--she may well give your lady bits permission to have a good time.

The first time I read this book, I have to admit, my internal feminist had her bitch on. But something about the story must have worked, because I read it another three or four times and I’ve decided I like it a lot.

The plot goes a little like this:

Take one workaholic CEO lady, Savannah, put her in a late night board meeting with Matt, the CEO of a competitor, then add his four man management team. Now, make the gentleman CEO and every man in that management team sexual dominants who excel in various ways to make a lady very happy. Then press play...

This little novella should’ve been as insubstantial as a “lady-visits-mechanic’s-workshop-and-gets-a-lube-job” porno, but it’s much more than that.

Somehow in between all the steamy SM sex Joey W. Hill manages to add a dimension to the two lead protagonists, Savannah in particular, that leaves you caring about them. In fact, I think it’s the brilliant way Hill weaves in the backstory (among other things) that keeps bringing me back to this book. It’s just so well done.

Besides... the fantasy of five gentlemen devoted to making a lady scream for Jesus Christ and his twelve disciples for all the right reasons isn’t half bad either.