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Dirty Deeds

Dirty Deeds - Lorelei James Lorelei James knows how to write men. Yummy, working class, I-want-to-take-a-bite-out-of-their-muscly-butt’s men and Nathan LeBeau is no exception.

Nathan’s a “real man”, hard working, driven, just that little bit exotic and of course, drop dead sexy. I loved him from the very start. All he wants to do is get his landscaping business up and running so he no longer has to dig drains and ditches with those big muscles and his wonderfully vibraty machines. The only thing stopping him from being able to achieve his goal is his complete inability to draw. Enter our heroine who happens to have professional drawing skills and a hankering for a no-stings-attached affair.

Tate Cross is likeable. Really likeable. She’s someone I could imagine being friends with and the thing I love most about her is that she knows what she wants: Nathan, horizontal, vertical, sideways and above all, naked. She’s getting a little exasperated though, because all Nathan wants to do is work out how this romance thing works.

What ensues is a wonderfully sweet, sexy, funny story that I read, then reread, then reread again. I loved being a spectator to Nathan’s attempts at wooing and Tate’s attempts at seducing. I truly got invested in their individual conflicts and could clearly see why they were falling for each other and what obstacles lay in the way. Nothing felt forced or out of character.

I loved the little “bah bow” feeling I got as the black spot in the novel got closer and closer and when it hit... wow. I cared. I wanted these two to work. I was invested right up to my last cent and I was super duper happy at the end.

This isn’t the racy sort of writing you’ll see in the Rough Riders series but it doesn’t need to be. Whereas James’s other books are like a shot of tequila straight down the hatch on a girls night out, Dirty Deeds feels like a cold beer on the porch after a long hot day.