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The Biker and the Ballerina

The Biker and the Ballerina - Andra Ashe I’ve been called a size queen before about my views on short stories but this hot little number was an absolute find.

Too often short stories skip the yummy build up to intimacy that leaves you caring whether or not the two main protagonists do the horizontal rhumba but in The Biker and the Ballerina, Ms Ashe managed somehow to leave me caring about both characters within the first couple of pages. By the time I’d gotten further in, I was completely hooked. The tension is perfect. The sexy is there and the ending was again, beautifully done, something that frequently gets neglected in short stories.
Cara, the leading lady is independent, sexy and genuine enough to identify with, skimping on the kind of romanticized perfection that can come with a ballerina character. Brody, the gentleman lead is just plain hot. I loved him to pieces and totally got why the leading lady was turned on by him. He’s blokey enough to seem real and sexy enough to have that irresistible element of dream man.

The first time I read this book I genuinely didn’t expect to find a no-put-downer but once I started it I had to finish it. I’ve read it a couple of times since and it holds up every time. The only criticism I’d give is that I was so immersed in Cara and Brody’s story at the end of the novel that I wanted more. A lot more. (See, total size queen *sigh*) I can’t wait until Andra Ashe writes a full length novel. If this is what she can do with a short story, it will no doubt be a stunner.