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The Hambledown Dream

The Hambledown Dream - Dean Mayes A perfect way to procrastinate away an afternoon. I really liked that I knew nothing about this book before I started reading it. I'd pretty much seen Dean around Facebook, decided he was an interesting guy and wanted to read a bit of his stuff.

Well, I wasn't disappointed. I've been crazy-busy lately and haven't had enough time to read but when I picked up The Hambledown Dream I couldn't put it down.

The whole thing was unique and familiar at the same time. I'm not quite sure how he does it but Dean had me hooked the first page and I couldn't stop reading, even when I needed to get a whole lot of stuff done. There was something so compelling about the plot... I really needed to know what happened next to the point where I finished the lot in one sitting.

I've spent the past hour debating how much of the story, if any, to give away and I've decided that the other reviews and the blurb will do that for you.

For me, the unmitigated pleasure in this book was discovering it, wholly unsuspecting what was coming.

It had me crying a little, it had me smiling a little and the ending left me feeling awesome. Five stars. I'll be watching this guy with a whole lot of interest in the future.