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Hindsight - Sarah Belle This book has become one of my comfort books over the past couple of months. Which is a little odd because I haven't been a fan of time-travel romance in recent years.

Whether or not I'm gonna dig time travel now, I'm definitely a huge fan of this book. There's something so real and so sweet about Sarah Belle's writing style that sucked me in the minute I looked at the first page.

Maybe its the fact that I moved to Saudi Arabia and experienced a very real "time travel" back to to the 50s/60s, living in an expat compound but I could relate to the heroine Juliette so much. The secondary characters are amazing, making everything so convincingly three dimensional. Loved them!

I have this massive thing against spoilers so I don't want to go into the plot but I really would encourage anyone who wants a warm book that will give you that roller coaster laugh-cry thrill to give this one a go. It was worth it and I can't wait until Ms. Belle's next one because I'm getting to the stage where I almost know Hindsight off by heart.