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For Your Eyes Only

For Your Eyes Only - Sandra Antonelli It took me a little while to get into For Your Eyes Only and I couldn't work out why. All the elements I usually love were there. The setting was awesome. The lady protagonist, Willa, has a kickass job as a physicist and is playing detective and the hero, John was believable and a not a little yummy in his own detective role.

So what was preventing me from roaring through the pages? Well, I finally worked out what was stopping me. Ms. Antonelli is being sneaky with the rules, just a little bit... and since I'd just finished a run of more traditional romance novels, I wasn't expecting it. Once I finally realized what was going on, made myself a cup of tea and kicked back to enjoy, enjoy was exactly what I did. A lot.

For Your Eyes Only features two mature, attractive and funny protagonists instead of thirty somethings. It's got a setting that's a little out of the norm and it doesn't dumb down the details with the protagonist's jobs. See what I mean? Breaking the rules a tiny bit:)

I'm still smiling as I type. I like the little bit of crazy in this book that fleshed it out, making it fun. I loved the banter and the emotional depth had me a little teary over my toast.

But the thing that really, really got me, was the way the author handled the setting. It's described so beautifully with the kind of little details that made me feel like I was there... and made me want to go visit there:)

So basically, what I'm saying is that I enjoyed this book a lot and that I'll definitely be in line for the next one when it comes out:)