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Untamed - Elizabeth Lowell I first discovered (Anne Maxwell writing as) Elizabeth Lowell’s historical romances in my early teens, which probably explains why I have such a soft spot for her now. If you’re looking for big blowsy melodramatic historical romances featuring love that cannot happen but must, well this is the author for you. She wrote three main historical series in the nineties and “Untamed,” a medieval corker set in the north of England, is the first of three.

So here’s the deal, Dominic Le Sabre (The SWORD) is a landless mighty Norman conqueror who smote verily in the crusades and won an English castle for his trouble. He has one main goal in life now that he’s not being tortured by Saracens (to save his men, of course), and that’s begetting heirs. Bucket loads of them. In fact, he’s primed, with his baby making machinery ready to go.

But there’s a problem.

The fair damsel that he’s set to wed, Lady Margaret (a WITCH), is a “Glendruid” healer who is cursed to only have daughters unless she experiences the raptures (read: screaming orgasm) of TRUE LOVE.

So that’s the set up. There’s a bunch of subplot going on, including a couple of other characters that went to star in their own novels but you have the idea.

Yes, the prose gets a little purple in places, the male characters are remarkably chatty for stoic warriors and Lady Margaret (Meg) spends most of her time giving herself a good wash but, when you get right down to it, Lowell knows how to do melodramatic romance. She’s a master and no matter how many times I read “Untamed” or its friends, wincing at the bits that clang, I keep coming back to them. This is, essentially a classic “must read” if only to giggle at the phrase, “He was fully aroused, hot with passion and hard with generations yet unborn.”